Welcome to Cygnus/X!


Cygnus/X is a little server located in South Florida. It was originally created to supplement WMH3.com for file storage, but has grown into a personal code deployment site for its owner.

Please see the About page for more information.

What to expect here

Currently, the main purpose of Cygnus/X is to serve as a personal site for its owner, but it has also grown to include other areas.

On the Geek Stuff page, you'll find all kinds of geeky tidbits, including various fascinating topics. And on the Design page, you can find a showcase of some of the programming projects I've undertaken for various clients.

Just remember, this server is a home setup, and as such there's only a limited amount of resources dedicated to it. Expect occasional outtages and downtime and try to respect what's here (i.e. don't be F5 happy.)