Cygnus/X Design


Cygnus/X Design is run by Will. I design and deploy simple and functional yet elegant websites and custom program solutions at affordable rates.

You'll find a sampling of my work below. If you like what you see, drop me a line to see what I can create for you.

Sites by Cyg/X


Logically, the first site I designed under the Cygnus/X moniker was this one. It's under constant development as I continue to add information.

Status: Deployed (Under continuing development)

SFMI Image coming soon...

A site I'm working on for the SFMI Cardiovascular Institute. It's live but some pages are still under construction.

Status: Deployed (Under continuing development)

Programs by Cyg/X

All of my software is designed under the Waterfront Software moniker. Some of the custom programs I've designed are shown below.


Nanoquery is a full-featured programming language that has been in development since early 2019.

NanoDB v1.1.0.6 NanoDB

NanoDB is a simple but very fast command-line database program. It facilitates small business data mining by fully supporting the v2.2 Specification of the NanoQuery interpreted database language and plays well with Excel by reading from and writing to Excel-compatible CSV files. It's now written in Java and supports many operating systems, including Windows, OS X, and Linux.

For more information, send me an email.

Nanoadvisor v2.3.0.0 Nanoadvisor

Nanoadvisor is a graphical front-end written directly on the brand-new (as of May 2017) NanoQuery Visual Basic core. Old versions of Nanoadvisor only supported NanoQuery up to version 2.17, but the new NanoAdvisor has planned support for the latest version of NanoQuery, version 2.3 Since it's written in Visual Basic, it only officially supports Windows for now. However, it makes up for this by adding a much more user-friendly GUI, command dialogs, and new NanoQuery directives specifically for GUI operations.

For more information, send me an email.

quizutil v1.1.2.3 Quiz Utility

Quiz Utility (quizutil) is a basic command-line based application for testing knowledge of information. Although written in Visual Basic, quizutil runs programs written in QuizScript 1.1, a simple interpreted language geared towards the creation of feature-rich quizzes.

Click here to download a Windows binary for v1.1.2.3 of quizutil or click here to download an example quiz written in QuizScript.