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The Raspberry Pi Superuser

Click to enlarge So, you've just unwrapped your shiny, new Raspberry Pi and set it up. Now it's running your operating system of choice and you're wondering "what's next?" Well you've definitely come to the right place.

The Raspberry Pi Superuser is a set of tutorials that give simple instructions on how to complete specific tasks with your new gadget. Each one is self-contained and consists of simple, concise instructions. Click the link above to get started.

Sorting a Two-Dimensional Array in Visual Basic

Click to enlarge Even though most forums say it's impossible to sort a two-dimensional array by column, it's not. Outlined in this tutorial is the implementation of a Visual Basic method to do just that.

X11 Forwarding in Windows

Click to enlarge Most Windows users know about RDP to some extent, and most Linux power users have used X11 forwarding at one time or another. But did you know that it's possible to bring the two together and use X forwarding under Windows? The process is rather simple, but not intuitive. This tutorial gives you a step-by-step guide to setting up X forwarding, and doesn't require VNC to be available.


Project Reach

Click to enlarge Project Reach was a joint effort to record data and video from very high altitudes (100,000+ feet) using two GoPros, a Raspberry Pi Model B+ with an altimeter module, and a GPS tracker.

Project Traverse

Click to enlarge A text-based RPG I'm working on that centers around hacking. You play as a network consultant working for the Andromeda Foundation in 1984. The Foundation is a mysterious organization that specializes in developing technology for the distant future.


Click to enlarge A new interpreted programming language that I'm working on. Its premise is the abstraction of performing I/O with complex devices to working with simple data streams. More information coming soon.

Sample code: Basic QOTD server in ursa


Calculating Square Roots

Click to enlarge Calculating the values of irrational square roots is a classic test of raw computing power. After a few upgrades, cyg/x is going for some new records, and determining digits the values of which no one has ever seen.

Waterfront BASIC

Click to enlarge Waterfront BASIC is a simple, unstructured BASIC interpreter written in Java. It's currently under development, and I'll be posting more information here when it's done.

QOTD Server

Click to enlarge Quote of the Day (QOTD) is a simple protocol used to retrieve quotes from a remote host over TCP. qd is a simple daemon for QOTD written in Java.