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Welcome to the Andromeda Foundation!


The Andromeda Foundation is a multinational non-profit organization specializing in the development of technology that will be beneficial for humanity in the distant future. Although all of our projects are classified, many of the objects that you use on a daily basis find their origins in a Foundation research and development lab.

Our founder Thomas Alexander started the Foundation in the mid-eighteenth century, when he realized that a coalition of the brightest forward-thinking minds could lead to great advances in human technology over time. Since the beginning, we've striven to accomplish our mission of developing the devices that will be most helpful for the advancement of mankind in the remote future.



About Project Traverse

Project Traverse is a text-based RPG that I'm working on currently. The plot focuses on your work as a network engineer at the Foundation in 1984. As you slowly work your way through the network, you will discover more and more secrets about the work going on there. When it's done, Traverse will be a fully-immersive game, but during development it'll remain as it currently is.

One of my goals in creating this game is to remain as accurate to the Unix systems that were prevalent at the time as possible. Of course, certain aspects can't be implemented, but I'm trying to write in as many as I can. The program has been progressing on and off for a couple of months now, and it currently consists of over 7000 lines of code (7308 at last count), mainly reimplementing Unix commands in Java. Here are a few screenshots of development so far. The latest build is early pre-alpha 129.




Click here to download an executable JAR of Project Traverse early pre-alpha. (build 129)

You'll need to have the Java RE installed on your computer, and you'll have to start PT by issuing the following command from your downloads directory.

    java -jar project-traverse.jar

So far, PT has been tested on Mac OS X, Debian, and Windows (specifically 8.1). If you're having problems with this build (bugs, problems starting, etc.), please feel free to email me.




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Questions? Comments? Click here to drop me a line. I'm open to criticism and happy to help you troubleshoot.