Welcome to the Raspberry Pi Superuser! This is a collection of self-contained, concise tutorials that teach you how to complete various tasks on your new Pi. The new tutorials are intended for the Raspberry Pi 2, and it isn't guaranteed they'll work on the other models. If you're looking for tutorials for older Pis, check the Legacy Tutorials section. I wrote these when I got my first B+ back in early 2013. (That's already years ago!)

At the bottom of this page, you can also find code snippets that I've written over time that you may find useful. Most of them will probably be intended for the B+ and 2, but I may go dig up some old code from my Model B at some point.


    - Setting up a chat server
    - Forcing a password for sudo

Legacy Tutorials

    - Turning your little computer into a capable server
    - Setting up your email
    - Browsing the web with LXTerminal
    - Fixing some pesky keyboard problems
    - RISC OS Noob: Getting to BBC BASIC and OSCLI


Project Reach Driver (driver.py)

This piece of Python code was what drove the altimeter for Project Reach. It ran on a Raspberry Pi B+, and since it was running at altitudes in excess of 90,000 feet, you could technically say that this code has been to space. It relies on a MS6507 driver that I heavily modified and don't have at the moment, but I plan on uploading it in the future once I get around to digging out my old B+. If you want to see this code in action, check out this video.