1. US election: Biden event in Texas cancelled as 'armed' Trump supporters threaten campaign bus (21966 pts) (independent.co.uk)
submitted to politics by WhileFalseRepeat (1923 comments)

2. Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90 (49044 pts) (bbc.com)
submitted to news by cousinz (2249 comments)

3. Sir Sean Connery dies aged 90 (83043 pts) (bbc.co.uk)
submitted to movies by enderswigginredux (5162 comments)

4. DAMWON Gaming vs. Suning / 2020 World Championship - Final / Post-Match Discussion (10002 pts) (self.leagueoflegends)
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5. It's simple logic, and therefore completely unfathomable (17256 pts) (i.redd.it)
submitted to MurderedByWords by beerbellybegone (372 comments)

6. 20 years✨😎 (14850 pts) (i.redd.it)
submitted to xboxone by OcelotCorrect2098 (282 comments)

7. Sean Connery Being knighted By The Queen In 2000 (42250 pts) (i.redd.it)
submitted to pics by noneedforfuss (728 comments)

8. [NSFW] 13 year old Christian girl, kidnapped, forcefully converted, married, raped repeatedly and made pregnant by a 44 year old man who has kids of that age || And Pakistani court makes it legal (18074 pts) (i.imgur.com)
submitted to NoahGetTheBoat by peoplecanbestupid (3130 comments)

9. Ever had your lunch stolen at work.. (38975 pts) (v.redd.it)
submitted to PublicFreakout by adadslife (2556 comments)

10. 364 days a year, I am an amputee. But today, I am Groot. (30550 pts) (v.redd.it)
submitted to funny by joshsundquist (288 comments)

11. NEW LEAGUE OF LEGENDS GAME Official Trailer: Ruined King - Releasing Early 2021 + Game Info (10140 pts) (youtube.com)
submitted to leagueoflegends by corylulu (1774 comments)

12. I'm 25, I have schizophrenia, and have zero support from my mom. (7622 pts) (i.redd.it)
submitted to insaneparents by skyhawk214 (583 comments)

13. My new meds are ball-shaped (22897 pts) (i.redd.it)
submitted to mildlyinteresting by SharpieDarpie (1197 comments)

14. Despite suppression tactics, young voters are 'raising hell' with historic early voting turnout (22090 pts) (usatoday.com)
submitted to politics by zsreport (1082 comments)

15. Police officer “detains" guy after getting in his face (32383 pts) (v.redd.it)
submitted to mildlyinfuriating by monsterup111 (1865 comments)

16. Fairytale scene in Switzerland (23460 pts) (i.imgur.com)
submitted to gifs by hjalmar111 (427 comments)

17. No Touching Rule (7389 pts) (v.redd.it)
submitted to WatchPeopleDieInside by MisterT12 (337 comments)

18. How to survive when buried alive. (8573 pts) (i.imgur.com)
submitted to coolguides by ajay_rathi (334 comments)

19. Brad's wisdoms (29947 pts) (i.redd.it)
submitted to insanepeoplefacebook by IntrovertObserver (629 comments)

20. When you teach the no so tech savvy how to play VR (56418 pts) (v.redd.it)
submitted to Whatcouldgowrong by Halleyelec (1042 comments)

21. He saw Arabian horses 1 time, now won't stop walking like this (62283 pts) (v.redd.it)
submitted to aww by Antscannabis (658 comments)

22. [Homemade] Black Cocoa Croquembouche (Cream Puff Tower) (12826 pts) (i.imgur.com)
submitted to food by Fluffy_Munchkin (202 comments)

23. HOW. (36904 pts) (v.redd.it)
submitted to blackmagicfuckery by velvetpurgatory (1012 comments)

24. Morgan Freeman Spells Out Exactly What’s At Stake This Election In New Ad — “Our lives quite literally depend on it,” the actor warns in a new ad for the NAACP (30249 pts) (huffpost.com)
submitted to politics by swingadmin (1244 comments)

25. If you had a chance to broadcast one song to all the 7.8 billion people on this planet, which song would you choose? (4725 pts) (self.AskReddit)
submitted to AskReddit by theirishcoffeemaker (2371 comments)

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